Wellbeing@work: The Power Of The Heart

20 Jun

heart at work

How often have you felt or thought something before it happened? Or did you have this gut feeling that  something wasn’t right or that you simply had to do it. No logical explanation, just a powerful feeling. Did you ignore it, or did you trust it?

At work we are used to dealing with facts and figures. If you can’t count it, measure it or explain it logically it is not considered valid.  You think about actions, projects and challenges carefully and make your mind up how to proceed. It’s all very rational. Yet, the decisions you feel are right, are usually right. Whilst the decisions that you forcefully think , may be wrong.  Your mind is a master at finding the right reasons for the wrong actions. In fact, the best decisions are made when not thinking actively. Most “eureka” moments arise when taking a shower, during a walk in the park or riding your bike, moments when you are not thinking actively about the issue at hand. In fact there is also a lot of truth in the expression “let’s sleep on it”, when your mind is at rest you make the best decisions.

I recently watched a very moving documentary called The Power of the Heart , where an interesting experiment demonstrated that the heart can feel what the mind does not know yet. In tests, where volunteers were linked to a heart and brain monitor and shown images that evoke emotional reactions like happiness, fear, joy, sadness, the heart reacted 20 seconds before the images appeared with a 100% accuracy. Your heart knows what is coming, long before your mind does.

Why is this relevant in your work? If you follow your heart and focus on what is important to you personally and what you feel passionate about, it will expand your awareness and it opens up new opportunities. If you learn to listen to your heart and trust your feelings, you‘ll find you’ll be more successful both on a professional and personal level.

Here’s a simple exercise to help you listen to your heart. You need be honest with yourself and write down on a sheet of paper what you would love to do.  Then write down what you are doing today. If you’re doing things that you don’t really like, you will find they are making more demands on yourself than others are really asking. So if there is a big gap, start with small steps to get there.  For instance what can you change immediately to get closer to your ideal role, what behavior or activity could you already start doing now, who could you talk to help you on your journey.

When you put your heart into it, you’ll unlock your true potential.

Wellbeing at Work: The Human Side Of Business.


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